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Print Managers do it better!

Ok, so now that I have your attention with the headline, print managers do it better! And what do they do better? They work to give their customer quality, printed marketing material at a good price. But what is a print manager? First we must look at the differences in the printing world.

On one side we have print shops. These shops have their own equipment and outsource very little. Typically they sell only to the public and extremely little to resellers. Because they use their own equipment and don't really rely on other print shops to help them, they are limited on what they provide customers and overhead is higher, which in turn...higher print costs.

Second is a trade printer. They only sell to brokers or print shops, not to the public. They have much lower pricing than a local print shop because they create specific print programs that fit their equipment and production capabilities. They cannot do custom and specialized printing, just what their capabilities provide.

Lastly is a print manager. Their situation is very unique because of several reasons. First, they normally don't have any equipment, which decreases their overhead and thus....the cost of printing to the consumer! They can work with several printers as they want, maximizing the capabilies available to the client. But their greatest strength is their bargaining power! Print managers are the 800 pound gorilla in the print room, helping their clients get the best printing cost for the project. While a typical customer may go down to the local print shop to get a quote, print brokers levy the power of several printers, each trying to compete for your project! On most projects, a print broker will save you a lot of money!

Print Guru Marketing is proud to be a print manager for their clients. Are you ready to save money?

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