About the Print Guru:

Are you seeking a guide in the ethereal world of print marketing? Find your inspirational source in someone who has walked this path for over 25 years, both as a print buyer and a print seller.

In working with a multitude of printers and print shops, I have seen the difficulties and frustrations that clients often experience. This has led me to develop a mantra:

"All printers are not built the same!"

This enlightenment is what led me to become a Print Manager (AKA “The Print Guru”). What does that look like? I have a nationwide array of print vendors and resources that I can draw upon to receive the best quality and most competitive prices for your printing needs.

Because I act independently from any individual printer, you can have inner peace knowing where my greatest loyalty lies: with my customers. I will do what it takes to make sure you are pleased with your print marketing products.

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Richard Elliott 


1. Benefit from our 25+ years of experience, from both the print buyer and print supplier perspectives.

When you work with Print Guru Marketing, you have a one-call resource for any kind of printing need. This saves you the work of contacting multiple companies to find out what their capabilities and pricing are. Print Guru Marketing manages the production process from start to finish, empowering your printing karma without bogging you down in the details. We handle all sorts of printing, including promotional printing, signage, and short run digital printing.

2. Enjoy our relationships with hundreds of printing facilities all across the country.

Print Guru Marketing has developed long-term relationships with a multiplicity of printers around the nation. Each printer has unique specialties, talents, personnel, and equipment, and we know them well. This takes the guesswork out of the equation, so that we can connect you with exactly the right printer for your marketing project. With the Print Guru as your guiding energy, you know you will get the best people and products, without any hassles or headaches.

3. Be empowered by the leverage we have for negotiating the best quality at competitive prices.

Having maintained long-term relationships with our print partners, we have some benefits for being their loyal customers. The greatest advantage is having more leverage to negotiate the best price for your job. Also, Print Guru Marketing is not just a print broker, but we also offer creative design and marketing services. This allows us to control costs for you, not having to outsource the design. Finally, our relationships give us leverage in project turnaround times as well.

4. We print locally, regionally and nationally. Anywhere in the USA

Whether you are on the East Coast, the West Coast, or anywhere in between, Print Guru Marketing can complete your project in the same time frame as a local print shop. We have printing partners within 1-2 days of your business, making your printing and shipping fast and convenient. Best of all, you work directly with your Print Guru throughout the process.

5. We are employed by you, not the printer.

While our relationships with printers are important to us, our clients are our highest priority. We focus on your needs and go to bat on your behalf. When you attempt to navigate a printing project on your own, it can result in confusion, headaches, and frustration. However, with the Print Guru on your side, you can escape the cycle of suffering and awaken to new levels of printing bliss!

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